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Not all revolutions have already taken place in this digital era. The Blockchain technology and its breakthrough especially changes how we understand money as the traditional medium of payment. Several blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have disrupted many industries from the several methods of crypto-payment to traditional banking and other financial sectors.

This is where PLANCOIN comes in. Generally, the vision behind the development of this project emanates from the incredible potentials of the cryptosphere. Furthermore, the ever-increasing adoptions make them an integral part of the financial ecosystem throughout the world. To us, this means that each scale and unit of the retail and e-commerce industries will begin the adoption of a cryppto-based payment technologies. However, this will need secure yet innovative encompassing payments service providers.

The E-commerce and payment industries are growing exponentially. Virtually all the online retailers and e-commerce stores are on the threshold of incorporating the different Blockchain-based payment methods. Hence, this is the accurate time for PLANCOIN to emerge and champion a new industry of crypto-payments. We want to reinvent real and living E-commerce payment processes according to the demands of the global markets. PLANCOIN has chosen this direction; the projected direction of crypto-payment and e-commerce industries. We will ensure an instantaneous transfer and exchange of all crypto-holdings for our users, retailers, businesses, and merchants.