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BTC/USD 9,126.76 ETH/USD 581.37 XRP/USD 0.71 BCH/USD 1,059.54 LTC/USD 174.09 ADA/USD 0.22 NEO/USD 76.90 XLM/USD 0.27 EOS/USD 6.20 MIOTA/USD 1.42 XMR/USD 235.37 DASH/USD 447.06 XEM/USD 0.31 TRX/USD 0.04 USDT/USD 1.00 ETC/USD 20.98 VEN/USD 3.82 QTUM/USD 20.72 LSK/USD 13.93 ICX/USD 3.33 PLAN/USD 1.20
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About Us

PLANCOIN has developed a competent team of determined Blockchain experts to achieve an important aim- to become a household name in the payment, crypto-exchange, and peer-to-peer industry.

Our team is made up of blockchain professionals who have worked many successful ICOs and other Fintech-based projects...

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Not all revolutions have already taken place in this digital era. The Blockchain technology and its breakthrough especially changes how we understand money as the traditional medium of payment. Several blockchain-based... Read more


To ensure that all our participating merchants have access to our payment portal on their respective E-commerce stores, we have installed an AI that automatically handles all the transactions carried out on the platform... Read more

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the FAQ below do not meet your question, please contact us

Use the following commands to find the folder containing the Plancoin data on the operating systems.



macOS: $HOME/Library/Application Support/PLANCOIN/

The wallet.dat file contains all of the data and the number of PLAN you own. You can back it up for security. If you delete or overwrite other files on this file, your PLAN number will be permanently lost, and we can not help you recover.

The amount we receive during the Crowdsale process will be distributed as follows:

Marketing accounts: 51%

Business Development: 15%

Tech-Development: 12%

Referral and Bonuses: 12%

Legal and Regulatory: 10%.

Social networking accounts for 55% of which:

- Facebook accounts: 13%

- Twitter accounts: 12%

- Linkedin and Instagram account: 10%

- Others account: 10%

The remaining 45% of which:

- Digital advertising accounts: 20%

- Newspaper: 15%

- TV accounts: 10%

In addition to the roadmap and direction to develop the ecosystem of Plancoin, we always need a strong community, and a daily trading volume large enough for the acceptance of Exchange markets to list.

We accept to make BTC and ETH deposit for PLAN trade.

Currently, we do not publicize internal Exchange, so you can trade PLAN on the exchanges we have listed.


If you have any questions about the project or desire to cooperate

Plancoin Wallet

Online trading and payment community are through wallet system on many operating systems

Download Plancoin-qt software: v1.2.0


Github Source Code

  • ○   Coin name: Plancoin
  • ○   Symbol: PLAN
  • ○   Algorithm: Scrypt
  • ○   Type: PoW/PoS
  • ○   Coin supply: 35,000,000
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Contact US

For Cooperation: We are always ready to start cooperation with any organization or individual to promote and develop Plancoin or expand the market to help Plancoin to be stronger.

For Investment: Please send comments or questions to the suitable catalogue in order to ensure that your email will be resolved quickly. You can also give your comments to help complete Plancoin to be more better.