Ecosystem Cover

To ensure that all our participating merchants have access to our payment portal on their respective E-commerce stores, we have installed an AI that automatically handles all the transactions carried out on the platform. This is in an attempt to reward the customers for every purchases or referral and to incentivize the most productive action of our merchants. The PLANCOIN is a Blockchain-based peer-to-peer and crypto-payment ecosystem, integrated into the E-commerce industry and which is beneficial to all the participants. Every merchant on the network increases not just the overall value of the network but also their own value. Through our loyalty management system, each participant significantly benefits from the platform by rewarding them for every product purchased using the PLAN token.

Also, they have unlimited access to some exceptional loyalty and rewards system free of charge. As a result, we promote members of our community in every possible way through exchanging tokens on the platform, developing new applications, reduced payment and transaction fees, and experience the benefits of paying through PLAN in the E-commerce industry. The PLANCOIN ecosystem will not only promote the rapid growth of participating merchants, but also update its members on the future of the platform.