Does Plancoin pay more money levels for referrers?

We never work on Ponzi model so we do not pay % of commission for many levels!

To bring a large community to Plancoin from people with marketing knowledge through social networks, website and press, we have a campaign to create reward for the referral link owners, we will pay 0.01 BTC from your referral link. This means that anyone who joins Lending with the "Mining Investment" feature at Plancoin, you will receive 0.01 BTC immediately. There is no limit to the number of Lending per an account.

Those who do not receive 0.01 BTC reward

People who intentionally create many accounts and register for themselves to receive bonuses ("We can check Explorer and many other things to know about this")

People who create posts, images or any other purpose to deceive investors joining Plancoin and perform Lending.

Referral links are created from fake websites, Extensions, or any software to deceive investors.

Notice: Deliberately breaking the terms will result in the account being banned forever.