Referral & Bonus


Our 5-level linked referral program allows you to have opportunity to earn a large amount of money by introducing new members to buy coin ICO, you will be received up to 8% bonus on the total number of coins that your members has been purchased.

* Steps to get started:

Registering your account and getting a referral link to receivecommission percentage from new registering member through that link.

You can use a number of standard and professional banners on our system and put them on your website and blog to get the interest from potential users and investors.

- Level 1: Getting 8% commission

- Level 2: Getting 3% commission

- Level 3: Getting 2% commission

- Level 4: Getting 1% commission

- Level 5: Getting 1% commission


Bonus: Getting $ 5 right now when signing up the account by Facebook.

Steps to complete the reception of bonus:

• Step 1: Registering your Plancoin account by your Facebook

• Step 2: Getting $ 5 right away, converted into 10 coins, worth $ 0.5 / coin

• Step 3: Use Affiliate link to invite friends to join Plancoin by Facebook accounts to get 5 coins