About US

* What is Plancoin?

Recent years, a boom in digital currency has been shown with the birth of a lot of different electronic money, Plancoin competes to stand at the center of the global financial market, and to keep pace with the world, Plancoin Orientation is to help people understand digital currency cryptocurrency and the opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.


* How does Plancoin work?

Plancoin is a digital currency project that uses Blockchain technology and operates on peer-to-peer network P2P protocol . P2P uses the SCRYPT algorithm which is designed to provide online trading, exchange, payment for e-commerce, online shopping and online payment with the aim of  shortening geographical distance, increasing speed among transactions in order to creating more potential finance power and stimulating effective behavior discussion among enterprises, trading and e-commerce sectors more easily.

* What do we do?

Plan is true plan, we have the best plans for the future so now we have teams of members and partners working together to develop Plancoin into a more sustainable, reputable and larger investment channel than any other investment channel. In addition, we will help you find the ability to stabilize your income in an unstable world. Promoting will also help you achieve your financial goals by revealing the opportunities behind the digital currency and cryptographic protocol or a complex encryption system.