About Us

The financial world is about to change beyond what we all belief. There are new and incredible opportunities opened up by the decentralization of the technology of Blockchain. Individuals can now equally participate in a completely new ecosystem of either socially or financial influential developments.

PLANCOIN has developed a competent team of determined Blockchain experts to achieve an important aim- to become a household name in the payment, crypto-exchange, and peer-to-peer industry. Our team is made up of blockchain professionals who have worked many successful ICOs and other Fintech-based projects. Attracting more than forty investors highlight our mission and reveal what our project is capable of.

There has been an upward surge in the online payment and crypto-exchange industry. According to the reports by Statista, the revenue from crypto-exchange and peer-to-peer industry will be six times in the coming 2 to 3 years. This report shows where PLANCOIN is edging to with its economic model. While the traditional payment industry and its share is also reported to increase over the coming years, the processing of crypto-payment and exchange is estimated to reach an ultimate unprecedented level.

As it stands, there is reportedly 1% in the rate of adopting the Blockchain-based payments, particularly in the e-commerce industry; a rate which is higher than the traditional payment method for most consumers and merchants. Thisis, therefore, one of the reasons why the opportunities and timing for PLANCOIN to begin its expansion couldn't be anytime but NOW! The majority of the Crypto-enthusiasts are of the opinion that the implementation of the different decentralization solutions has only just begun and is presently in its infancy.

The crypto-payment and exchange system adopted by PLANCOIN will instantly enable our users, PLAN token holders, and merchants to make use of cryptocoins using our tokens on the different retail and e-commerce stores. An exponential growth is projected to take place in this FinTech industry. Evidently, it is where money resides today and where it will be tomorrow.

We would like to say a very big thank you for believing us and supporting this project. Collectively, we will reinvent the crypto-payment and peer-to-peer industry.


May 2018

Putting Plancoin into the top cryptocurrency websites


Creating brand name, implementing strong communication plans for Plancoin


Publicity of Mining

September to October

Upgrade and test the payment system for E-commerce

November to December

Publicizing the global Exchange allows PLAN trade as the official currency

January to May 2019

Researching and developing solutions/ideas based on Blockchain technology for future payments

July to September

Setting up payment gateways and methods for enterprises to do business

September to December

Cooperating with e-commerce partners, business partners, and payment gateways

2020 =>


2021 =>


2022 =>


2023 =>